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Haiti was once called “The Pearl of the Caribbean”.  Its beauty was unmatched, with mountains touching the sky and mangoes sweeter than any on earth.  It was a paradise, a modern day Garden of Eden.  Yet, today the only things we hear about this country are the poverty, the corruption, and the devastation.  That’s because in the beginning Satan worked his way into the hearts of the people inhabiting this island and took control.  He transformed what was intended to be a paradise into a land of suffering and despair, but Satan’s time is coming to an end.  Jesus Christ came to give life and life more abundantly.  He wants to restore Haiti to its former glory by changing one heart at a time.  It’s time for new beginnings.



At Project Eden our ultimate goal is to change this generation and shape the next. Our after school programs are all about the next generation. Our goal is to establish a safe place for children to come and get fed spiritually and physically. Throughout the week our doors are open to all children in the surrounding area, serving a hot meal 5 days a week. So many children in Haiti lack the basic nutrients to grow healthy and strong but with your donations we’re able to provide the care they need to become our future leaders.

Legliz Edenn

(Church of Eden)

Legliz Edenn is a sister church of Northbend Church in Mason, WV.  Our vision is directly in line with our home church believing we have been set in place to see lives transformed by the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  We wish to see our community transformed in Grand Goave, Haiti as people begin to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.