Enemy Territory

Back in the mission field and settling in. Back to one meal a day of rice and beans. Back to sunburns and motorcycle rides over mountains. Back to children that play outside with jump ropes and soccer balls. Back to beautiful beaches and palm trees on a Caribbean island. Back to Haiti.
Every time I’ve come home it feels as though I’ve never left. Things resume as usual into a comforting normality that I am so very grateful for.
At Project Eden, the church is built and the security wall is up. Next, is the water lines and electricity running throughout the property. I’m so anxious to move on my land and be among my children everyday. I’ve never been the most patient person but this wait is agonizing. The orphanage where I’m staying is a wonderful place and will always be a second home to me, but I look forward to having a house of my very own. The 30 minute drive over the mountains to my land can be exhausting, but God is sovereign and he places me where I am at the right time for the right reasons. All things considered, I’m very content with the direction my work is taking me. He continues to bless me and my children abundantly and we continue to praise him in all we do.
Last night, however, I was reminded that no matter how good our situation may be we are still living on enemy ground. This is not a Christian nation and it would be foolish to let my guard down by thinking otherwise. Outside my window after dark, always after dark, the voodoo drums started. The chanting was so close it seemed to be right outside my window. Sacrifices were made to appease the gods and ceremonial dancing lasted into the late hours of the night. It was loud. Loud enough to keep me awake and close enough to give me a sickening feeling in my stomach. So I acted on impulse and hooked up my speakers to my telephone. Their chanting was loud but my worship music was louder. I couldn’t sleep so I kneeled beside my bed and prayed, “Forgive them ,Father, for they know not what they do.”
I worshiped him, and in the dark hours of the night I felt anything but alone.
I may be living in occupied territory but I know the ending of this story, and my Lord wins!


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