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A Season of Change


I always imagined Abraham as an old man with a long white beard. He wore a worn out wool rob and was hunched over a crooked walking stick. His back was bent like you could actually see the weight of the burdens he carried on his shoulders. One moment with God altered his entire life [...]

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Weathering the Storm


People want transparency, but sometimes I wonder just how much they can handle. How much of the truth am I supposed to tell, and what needs to be left alone? Social media is notorious for romanticizing lives and only revealing our highlight reels. So, what’s my truth? For starters, this is hard. I don’t always [...]

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His name was Elijah


I’ve dreaded writing this blog. I realize people need to know what happened, but it's not easy pouring your heart out over a computer screen. Some things are harder to put into words than others and I’m still trying to make sense of it all. The memories of last week keep flashing through my mind, [...]

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His Love Never Fails


Connecting with Haitian women has always been a challenge for me. Children are easy. They run towards you with open arms, willing to trust you from the moment you meet. But we, as women, are notorious for immediately sizing each other up and passing judgment when we meet an unfamiliar face. Add cultural barriers and [...]

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Walking By Faith


February escaped from me somehow. I flew into Miami determined to buy a new vehicle, ship it to Haiti, and get back before the end of the week. I would have succeeded if it wasn’t for unstable elections and an overprotective father. The news in South Florida was littered with reports of riots and violence [...]

Walking By Faith 2017-08-02T12:56:27+00:00